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Whether reducing your monthly cost or
investing in your green future, we can accommodate
your financial needs.

Cash Buy

  • Say goodbye to your electric bill
  • Quickest return on your investment
  • 0% interest
  • Enjoy the benefits for 25+ years

Who's it for?
  • Extra cash in pocket
  • Interested in tax incentives
  • Fast payoff
  • Plan to stay in house


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The most cost effective way of going solar, period. Watch your investment work for you while taking control of your electric production.

Fastest return on your investment.


  • Zero money out of pocket
  • Lower payments than electric bill
  • No pay increase
  • Tax benefits and rebates

Who's it for?
  • No extra cash on hand
  • Interested in tax incentives
  • May move in next 5-10 years
  • Interested in saving money now


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Why pay the utility company monthly, when you could pay less toward owning your own solar system? Our funding options start as low as 1.99%. We guarantee your monthly cost will be lower than what you are paying your electric company now.

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